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improvement on oak street and baker and scott and on baker began -- on february and will continue and what we have done is rescinded the lane on oak and changes to left turn only on oak preparing for baker. restriping. the final completion is contingent on the completion of the construction work at the kelly moore paint. they have scaffolding up that blocks the sidewalk and so they are using the parking lane which is the future bike lane as their pedestrian path of travel. we obviously can't advance the work until that work is complete. the work on baker and oak is a lot more labor intensive and requires more coordination with i improvements that we are able to do on feld street and they will remove signs and parking meters and modify the traffic signals before the separated bike way can be installed on oak and will be done in phases to ensure safety of bikes and vehicles. other projects components such as concrete medians, this portion of the spronl scheduled to receive full fund ing in june and will be completed by the end of the year. we've heard concerns by director ramos about people usi
i can. >> no matter what happens the rest of the show, the highlight was listening to baker correct you. that should be a sound byte on some radio show. whenever things go south, have a button say that. >> faltered by gender year. >> the difference maker. >> four essential vitamins. protein needs. we got to take a break. coming up, what is it like to be a cia agent? mike baker discusses his new book. it's better than your lonely stupid life you dumb loser. up next. >>> should nonamericans be allowed on jury duty. does that mean she can finally serve? @ marjorie, i can't stand you. you're too perfect. even the inside of your dishwasher sparkles. okay. so i'm the bad guy for being clean. you said it. ladies, let's not fight dirty. cascade kitchen counselor. see, over time, finish gel can leave hard-water film on your dishes and dishwasher. new cascade platinum's triple-action formula not only cleans your dishes, it helps keep your dishwasher sparkling. so we're good? don't do that. okay. [ female announcer ] cascade's best is new cascade platinum. before i do any projects on on m
baker current president of diligence, makers of diligence toothpaste, diligence club soda. if you figured out what we really do, you'd already about dead db. true. >> so what did mom know about the bomb? u.s. intelligence agencies reportedly added the mother of the sfokt a government terrorism data base 18 months ago, a year and a half. officials say the cia asked tammerlan and his horrible mother should be added to the terror list in fall of 2011 after russia, russia expressed concern they had become militants. it seems won't we learn more about certain areas of the suspects's lives. massachusetts's governor defended refusal to release information about the brothers saying it's about abiding by the law. >> i think they can't release that information to me. i'll be looking forward to seeing it can you release to it us?. >> it's a fair question. i'm, i understand td public is curious. >> curious about that fleece. yes. we demand answers starting with what happened here. >> is that a sleeve? >> yes. >> how did she get in the sleeve? >> it was in the sleeve of a sweat shirt. >> she's
accused of killing brad baker more than 32 years ago. >> this is closure for us. >> this is the sister of baker, who was 30 years old when he was murdered on new year's eve, 1980. >> he had so much promise, and i think it is just great sadness at the time of year he would have been 60 years old. -- this man in camouflage hat testified that he took a cab from a party on year's eve because his wife was causing problems. another guest heard his wife jane that mr. baker needs to be taking care of. with a 38rmed revolver, and ronald with a sawed-off shotgun approach to baker on his farm where a scuffle and shots followed. he died from a shot to the head and groin. he, too, firedat testify until not 2012. he said he cannot go on living with it. >> i think he was not as forthcoming today as he should have been. >> throughout the hearing, ronald icloud was speaking low, but audibly through the entire hearing. at the end, he gave a cheerful thank you to the judge. the judge decided there was more than enough evidence to bring his case to a grand jury next month, bringing it one step closer to t
.s. secretaries of state, james baker, and george shultz. and former canadian prime minister tim campbell. >> ifill: as congress grapples with gun legislation we look at several states' efforts to pass gun law of of their own. >> woodruff: with close with another legacy of the cold war with reports from germ answer on new efforts to protect what remains of the berlin wall. >> attitudes toward the wall have shifted in the last two decades. now many germans want to preserve it. so the mistakes of the past won't be repeated. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by b.p. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the cor
and bush secretary of state, james baker. and to the british ambassador to the united states. also this hour, president obama returns to connecticut in a last-ditch effort to shame congress into passing gun laws. he'll be meeting with newtown family, who will be flying back to d.c. with him on air force one. some of the parents shared their grief last night on "60 minutes." >> they need to not just look us in the eyes, but look our children in the eyes and the lost ones and see those faces, see what's gone. >> it's going to happen again. it is going to happen again. and every time you know, it's somebody else's school, it's somebody else's town. it's somebody else's community, until one day you wake up and it's not. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. margaret thatcher, elected in 1979 as britain's first woman prime minister died today at the age of 87, she had been in poor health for many years. in her day she was indomitable. leading great britain for more than 11 years, longer than any british politician in the 20th century. she was steadfast and dominant. trans
paulo. mike baker returns, should be fun. 11:00 o'clock. look at you, kimberly got excited. and you do like mike baker. >> i do like mike baker. >> who is mike baker? >> mike baker is a former c.i.a. agent, very good look guy who likes to pop his collar. a little weird. >> i never pop my collar. jesse watters pops his collar. >> why pop your collar? >> i don't know. >> you mean pop up? >> yeah, pop it up. >> i have no idea. we have like three minutes left. >> go ahead. >> another talk show host e jimmy kimmel, very funny. he sends these reporters out on the streets to interview people and you may have heard of this cocella music festival. you can learn about it if you read people magazine or us weekly in the supermarket checkout line of the he sent one of his reporters to do interviews on how these hipsters feel about these bands. the problem? the bands weren't real. but listen, these hipsters would rather look like liars than look uncool. very funny. listen. >> one of my favorite bands is dr. shlomo. do you like their album? >> yeah, actually, i had a radio show on community radio station
with macneil and lehrer; plus, secretaries baker and schultz on her legacy today. also ahead, how states are tackling guns, and new efforts to protect the berlin wall. but first, the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: a suicide bomber in syria blew up his car in damascus today, killing at least 15 people. it happened in the city's financial district. rescue workers searched the smoking wreckage for survivors. the state news agency said the blast wounded 146 people. other reports had that number at 53. the body of an american diplomat killed in afghanistan was flown back to dover air force base in delaware today for a private ceremony. 25-year-old anne smedinghoff was one of five americans who died in a suicide bombing on saturday. the group was delivering textbooks to school children in the southern city of zabul. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. north korea has cut its last major ties to the south, suspending operations at a joint industrial complex. it was the latest north korean move that's raised tensions in the region. we have a report
butler has worked for howard baker, who -- and he served as consultant to mr. baker when he was white house chief of staff to president reagan. served as the vice president of the rca corporation. vice president of times mirror, and was a speech writer for president gerald ford. query -- very quickly, what's the important of a popular prom like downton abbey? >> guest: it energizes our support and our donor base. we have gotten a nice ride out of downton abbey in terms of being able to generate new dollars and additional donations from current donors and so forth, and the viewership has been extraordinary. and i was talking with some of the downton abbey cast, telling them that because of them everybody is taking a new look at public television and they're liking what they see. so the more they can look at downton abbey and see all the other good things we're doing and public television, the better off we up all are. >> host: patrick butler, and kamala lane. this is the community indicators on c-span2.
now is david baker, energy reporter. chuck nevius and jill tucker. >> the governor threw down the gauntlet this week and calling it a civil rights issue. >> the state is turning into a . those at middle and bottom are doing worse. >> jill, boil it down for us. what are the main points the governor is proposing in the plan? >> what the governor wants to do is make a complicated funding system simpler. instead of giving money to schools on old formulas and not teaching and what they need, he is saying let's give everybody a base amount from $6,300 to $7,200 depending on the grade level. you will get more if you have students that are more difficult to teach and they have more issues and they need more time and attention. it is a fairly simple system on the face of it that says if you have these kids, this is how much money you will get. >> the thinking is the extra money will be used for more teachers or tutors? what? >> you know what? the benefit of this proposal according to the districts is they get to decide. there are a lot of restrictions on how the money is spent. i equat
of the supervisors, my name is -- closer? my name is amber baker. i am a native of san francisco. my grandchildren are 6 generation and i sit on the designs zoning of russian hill neighbors and as you know, this is spring break for many in the country and we have a very large pops of visitors this week and always. and when they finish their lovely trip down the lom bard. i want you to see the view they are going to enjoy. i'm coming today to encourage my supervisors to make undergrounding of utilities a priority of all of san francisco for all of us, the residents, the visitors, the world. the time is now to start a plan to get this done to finish the job we started. thank you. thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is douglas, and i have lived in san francisco for 61 years. hopefully the carnival is successful. if it isn't, i'm going to chalk it up as a continuing process. second, there is one person missing from the seat. the same person in my opinion that led to the cancellation of last week's 2 committee hearings. in my opinion that is real disservice because that is
this? and how to we not over reacted? our panel michael barrett, mike baker, and diligence. we have rod wheeler, former dc homicide detective, and fox news contributor, welcome, michael, start with you, this is our knee-jerk reaction, something like this happens, lawmakers almost don't want to miss the opportunity to jump in do something, many times with great intentions of trying to stop it from happening again, but they may or may not do sense, first i heard, these were individuals who came here seeking asylum, you could practically hear the door of asylum slammed shut? >> i think you are right, but it does not make sense, people are going to come in. we have any number of people coming in. there are some things that could be done, but this is about know forcing existing laws and understanding the laws that the nature of the threat has changed. one big thing we have now since 9/11 with department of homeland security a bunch of intelligence fusion center that integrated and state and local law enforcement. but we have privacy concerns, that are legitimate but they have to be addressed
georges county, krista baker, made a rare public appearance. mrs. baker has early on set alzheimer's. that's her in the red. this morning she turned out for the reason to hope breakfast sponsored by the national capital area chapter. her husband and county executive gave an emotional speech about how this disease has affected their family and the need for more research and resources. i had the opportunity to mc the program. you may remember we brought you the story about mrs. baker's journey back in december and how he sorority sisters and friends have rallied to help this family down their long journey. >>> few can relate to the terror like we saw yesterday in boston. but for the virginia tech community, the horror of what happened six years ago today, still lingers. april 16, 2007, when a lone gunman went on a shooting rampage. cadets did 32 pushups in front of the campus memorial. one for each of the students and faculty killed that day. wreaths and flowers were placed near each memorial stone. >>> up next, people around the country want to know how they can help the city of boston. we'
. >> the iron lady. let's dig deeper with christiani amanpour, james baker, former reagan chief of staff, who shared many of the history-making moments and joining us on the phone, nancy reagan, who was not only a friend to the thatchers but had a front row seat to the friendship between mr. reagan and mrs. thatcher. mrs. reagan, thank you for taking the time to be with us. when you heard the news about mrs. thatcher's passing, what went through your mind? >> oh, gosh. what went through my mind. well, it wasn't unexpected, because she hadn't been well for a long time, but nevertheless, when the day finally comes, it's hard to accept it. she was a wonderful, wonderful woman. strong, wonderful. >> mrs. reagan, we're joined by someone you know very well, former secretary of state james baker. mr. secretary, you served as chief of staff to president reagan, also later as secretary of state to president bush senior. what kind of an ally was prime minister thatcher to the white house? >> well, she was the best possible ally, anderson. of course, as you've pointed out, she and president reagan had a
's not only the most famous baker, but i will tell you straight up, if it weren't for him, we would not have gotten through this process. it was lou gerardo who put this together. thank you so much for all your efforts. >> so i will briefly touch on the elements of this deal that are incredibly significant. first of all cathedral hill and new campus for cpmc, originally it was going to be 550 bed hospital, today it's 250 beds approximately half the size to also build additional 30 beds. while smaller, this does reflect the concerns of the local neighborhood and as well as relating to saint luke's. but most importantly it does create a brand new hospital at cathedral hill. this hospital will be c pmc flagship. for our neighborhoods, it not only provides great access to health care but the facilities are located in our neighborhoods and making sure we heard the concerns of our neighborhood groups and coalitions and make sure those were met. we have please to have worked out arrangement, the campus, the new campus are all being met and that was an incredible part of what we do here in san franc
for the over zealous line baker. that's not nice that.'s the mascot. happy to report but thus is all right however he'll probably refrain in the future. a's taking on anaheim tonight. we'll have full highlights tonight at 10. that's the sporting life now. note to mascots, stay off the field. >> mark thanks. >>> santa claire city leaders are about to debate a new development near the stadium. big plans on the 10:00 news tonight. >> thank you for trusting us. we're always here for you. thanks for joining us.
. mike baker will be here telling us how serious the u.s. should be taking all of this. dagen: the bank of japan with a surprise move that takes the page from ben bernanke's playbook. connell: everybody is doing it. better regulation could have saved cyprus and whether we should be worried about some of these other so-called tax havens. we will have that and much coming up on markets now. ♪ speak very i am -- connell: straight ahead on markets now. thanks for joining us. dagen: lauren simonetti is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> the dow is higher. the s&p is higher. the nasdaq is in the red. apple and google under pressure. we are just following the russell 2000, following the 2000 seeing this is a market that may be overbought at this point. the dollar to the upside. but again down today. we have commodities under pressure. gold down three days in a row. of course, gold, silver and copper, yesterdaa at their lowest level of the year. once again today. back to you. connell: the japanese want to keep printing yen like they are going out of style. the market does not see
of them do? we wanted to bring in two experts. steve baker, baker sports management and ed boo stous ski. both -- butowsky. they work closely with all kinds of sports stars. this is fascinating and almost depressing to see what happens. steve, we have given a stat earlier more than 70% of players end up going broke two years out of having played professionally. once they retire some lose their money. what do you see in your past experience not necessarily your clients but everybody out there in the nfl? what happens? the dirty underbelly of spending. >> lane johnson had it right. first focus initially on savings. athletes get involved in investments that are probably too aggressive for the time frame they're making money. finally they need to limit their spending. liz: what have you seen in the past with a lot of nfl players that maybe are friends of your clients? i would imagine you guided your clients pretty well. what is a sad story of reality once these guys do once they come into millions of dollars? >> well on the investment front i see athletes get involved in invests that are too
're up 3% on the year. the expectation game is one that's important. >> simon baker, what do you do today knowing there's going to be market moving news, many days of it, in the days ahead? >> to joe's point, the earnings have been kind of lousy. the negative guidance versus positive, down 4-1. down just a brush away from the all time high. if i was picking stocks this week and there's a bunch coming out, i'd be caution. something like an aig, low expectations, nice dividend. a mess for the stock to get off a little bit. trading at halftime its book value versus one to two times the other insurance companies, but ahead of the friday job number, which i think is going to be the catalyst. >> at what point do you have to stop being caution? >> i'm not cautious at all. i said at the beginning of the month i'm playing the market tactically. i'm long many s&p futures. i want to look past what we're all highlighted here, which was lousy earnings and if we get a poor unemployment report, i'm okay with that because i know the fmc has kind of got my back with it. the only thing i'm cautious about i
crowd, that has now filled pacific and baker here. there are a number of different groups out here. the dominant message for president obama tonight is say no to the proposed keystone oil pipeline. now, the president may hear about these protesters out here, but it's not clear if he'll ever actually see them. police and secret service have blocked off the streets here around the getty mansion. that, of course, is where the president obama, mr. obama, will be attending a democratic fund-raisers tonight. it's an annual fund-raisers. last year it raised $1.7 million. the protesters are hoping to get his attention. this would be his second stop of the night. so first we want to toss to mike mibach, who is in the city's sea cliff neighborhood, where they're also waiting for the president's arrival. mike? >> reporter: eric, security is very tight here in sea cliff. we just got word from an officer that this neighborhood is in lockdown. that means residents are not even being allowed to get into their homes now that the president is so close to arriving here. mr. obama coming to the neigh
this week, but requires full approval by the assembly. >>> on the news panel is david bak baker, tom vacar, ktvu news editor and then carla marinucci. president obama's first visit to the bay area since re-election wasn't without controversy. republicans accused him of coming to billionaire row and protesters accused him of coming to the aid of keystone xl pipeline. carla marinucci, i know you were at some of the events. what was the purpose of the president's trip in. >> the purpose was money. this was the president's first trip since re-election. the san francisco bay area and atm. he was doing a favor to nancy pelosi to come into san francisco to pick up $3.25 million in two events in one night. >> not bad. >> he wants to win back 17 seats. president obama told both these groups, boy, we want to have nancy pelosi back as speaker of the house. i know you have an agenda for me. climate control. you want me to do that, give nancy the seat back. in some cases, they paid $42,000 to dine with the president. he is always a star, but he also got a lot of pressure from the left. the keystone xl
rent. >> the letter from the wife of sergeant butch baker says in part my daily healing is in part due to the nationwide out reach of compassion and kindness. each day is filled with both tears and moments of deep sad nsz. yet, almost every day of the past month is included with moments of awe and amazement at the love and honor paid to elizabeth's memory. they were shot and killed in the line of duty on february 26th while following up on a sexual assault. >> police arrest two of three suspects involved in a homicide. the third, considered armed and dangerous, he's still on the run. the three are suspected of shooting and killing one man and injuring another. neighbors say the men were just walking home when they were attacked. what they don't know is the motive as to why. >> president obama is with the families touched by the sandyhook shooting tonight. they're all in washington, d.c. to speak with senators who will be debating gun control next week. the president was introduced by a woman whose 6-year-old son was killed in the sandyhook children. mr. obama told the crowd wearing gre
, neighbour? today we're going to visit... mr. mcfeely's post office! and then we're going to... baker aker's bakery! i'm so excited to spend the day with you. and i'll be right back. is made possible in part by... the richard king mellon foundation. dedicated for over sixty years to south western pennsylvania's quality of life, and competitive future. and by these pittsburg foundations. working together to enhance and enrich the lives of children for more than seventy-five years. and by the arthur vining davis foundations. dedicated to strengthening america's future through education. adcasting, dedicated to strengthening america's future and contributions to your pbs station, from viewers like you. in the neighbourhood ♪ and contributions to your pbs station, ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbour ♪ ♪ would you be mine? ♪ could you be mine? ♪ won't you be my neighbour? - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ ♪ a land of make-believe ♪ won't you ride along with me? ♪ - ♪ ride along - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ ♪ so much to do, so much to see ♪ ♪ won't
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 249 (some duplicates have been removed)